Built on Passion and Expertise.

Founded on a deep passion for the trade, our company began with a simple mission: to deliver quality work at exceptional value.

Our Story

From a small, determined team to a trusted glazing subcontractor, we’ve built our reputation on quality and customer satisfaction. We carry those same values forward on every project we undertake.

Our Journey

After being laid off from his employer, Mike Wells was ready to make his dreams of starting another business a reality.


PGC was started in an abandoned mobile home in 2005 — with a laptop computer, a multifunction printer, and a burning desire for success. From there, we grew into a modest warehouse with a small office in Morgan Hill, and started our first successful job with See’s Candies.


PGC quickly outgrew this small space, with the need for more office staff and a larger warehouse for fabrication. In 2011, the first building on Concord Circle was leased — a building almost three times the size of our previous warehouse. As the work continued to pour in, we very quickly utilized this new space and eventually opened our remote office in Union City and additional building space on Concord Circle.


Along with this additional work, more staff was needed. In 2012, a new Project Manager, Cassie Harker, was hired. Determined to be successful, she quickly rose in the ranks to Operations Manager, and eventually, PGC’s President.


In late 2019, a larger building was leased in Hollister that would allow PGC’s production to be more organized and efficient with the acquisition of state-of-the-art CNC fabrication equipment. In 2021, PGC also moved its administrative headquarters to this facility to complement the production operation and allow for its main operations to be under one roof — creating a more cohesive space for collaboration and business solutions.

Our History

Driven by a passion for construction and an entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Wells sets the foundation for PGC.

PGC invests in cutting-edge CNC fabrication equipment, nearly doubling sales. An in-house Drafting and Engineering team is established to complement the Project Management, Fabrication, and Purchasing departments.

PGC earns a coveted spot in Glass Magazine’s Top 50 Glaziers List for the third time, building upon previous triumphs in 2017 and 2022. Meanwhile, the company's ESOP share price doubles in value.


The team expands to over 70 employees, prompting a move to a 13,000 sq ft space to optimize production and fuel further business growth.

Michael Wells sells 100% of his shares to the very employees that helped propel PGC's success. Cassie Harker takes the helm as President, ushering in a new era of leadership.

Initially, our mission was to be successful by doing a great job at a fair price. Our core value was to make sure we did what we said we would — accomplishing our goals and our promises. That hope still rings true today — both with PGC as a business and with our customers. Our entire careers have been in glazing, and we love the commercial side of the business just as much. From early construction to the completion of every job, we’re passionate about the entire process.


We want to develop relationships with the contractors that enjoy this business and surround ourselves with people who feel the same way we do. From our passionate employees to our wonderful customers, PGC is dedicated to bringing creative solutions, collaboration, and above all, care to every project we work on.

Our Future