Building Together on a Foundation of Excellence.

Consider us your trusted partners on the path to success, bringing our expertise and commitment to transform your vision into reality.

Meet The Team

At Pacific Glazing, we’re passionate about what we do. Our team brings together some of the industry’s most dedicated professionals, driven by a shared commitment to exceptional quality and service.


Project Management

Leveraging experience and industry-leading practices, our Project Management team offers expert guidance and transparent communication, ensuring your project runs seamlessly from concept to completion.

Drafting + Engineering

Our brilliant Drafting & Engineering team provides timely technical support, helping Project Managers, Fabricators, and Glaziers overcome challenges and optimize efficiency.

Shop + Field

Our expert union glaziers and production staff are the driving force behind our success. Each member is a highly trained professional and dedicated to surpassing industry standards and crafting projects built to last.


From the initial bid to the finishing touches, our estimators work hand-in-hand with you. They examine every detail to provide a cost-effective build that perfectly aligns with your project’s goals.


Our experienced Accounting team closely monitors each project’s financial activity, ensuring seamless workflows and on-track project schedules.

Admin + Operations

Our Admin and Operations team act as a reliable support hub for our organization. They are adept problem-solvers offering resourceful solutions and expert assistance across departments to ensure smooth operations.